Sunday, November 9, 2014

How long does it take to become the person you want to be?

How long does it take to become the person you want to be? (How long is a piece of string?) How much attention do you pay to the process? How do you know what kind of person you want to become? How do you find out what you really want?


Photo by Thurburn Barker

Recently, I found some old notebooks of mine, not only journals, but also lists of goals, etc. The thing I noticed about the entries over the years (decades!) is that the same stuff comes up again and again and again—especially on my lists of goals. Prominent on every list and in every notebook is my desire and struggle to get organized. So, apparently the person I want to be is an organized (and productive) person. That is the desire. That is what I want to be, or so it seems. So what has been blocking me for so long? Time for a bit of research to see how others do what I long to do, how to become that organized, productive person.

Recently, I've found some excellent books and blogs on the subject of being organized and productive. And some of these books and blogs have gone a long way to help me understand how I’m sabotaging myself and how to change my thinking (and acting) to help me enter into to sisterhood/brotherhood of organized, productive people.

For the next little while—perhaps a year? (longer? shorter?)—I plan to explore ways to become the organized, productive person I want to be. One of the tenets I've already learned is that one must build habits, so the habit of posting a blog entry on a regular basis will be one of my first steps to becoming more organized and productive. The plan for this blog is to post once a week to start. That timing may change as I build the writing habit.

So the journey begins. It’s about time.

Happy Birthday to me; happy birthday to me…

What better way to celebrate 7 decades than to launch a blog on becoming? 


  1. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Thanks Penny. You've been such a help and inspiration to me. I hope I can live up to your great example. Hugs, Cathie

  2. My first comment is... What does "organized" mean to you? How do YOU define it? What does it feel like? look like?
    Congrats on your new blog! Love you Mum! Happy 70th!

    1. Ah, I'm glad you asked. What "organized" means to me is coming up in the next post. Stay tuned...
      Thanks for being such a loving and wonderful daughter. I hope we can learn together.
      Love, mum

  3. Organized or not, you are the best mum one could hope for.
    By seeing you accomplish this new venture, I realize that my aspirations of shedding my dilettante status are within reach.
    Best of luck with your blog.
    Happy 70th birthday! Lots of love!

    1. What a nice photo - I like the way you are looking up into the light.

    2. Yes, being a dilettante is a mind-set as well as a habit that can be hard to overcome. Learning to recognize and combat Resistance (see The War of Art) is a key part of "turning pro". I'm glad to be finally learning how to change. (An old dog CAN learn new tricks!)
      The photo is of me sitting in front of the Coral Reef project we crocheted here in Hendersonville/Asheville. I cropped it, but the whole photo shows lots and lots of the reef. What a magical and special project and the start of a human reef group, as well.
      Thanks for being a wonderful and loving daughter, and thanks for your good wishes.