Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting it all done

I got up yesterday with the notion of “getting it all done today”. In fact, I did get the dining room clear-out done: Loaded up a box with donations for the thrift store, dusted all around (forgot the ceiling fan, though), and put back only those things we decided to keep. And, I had a good discussion with DH about how we really want to use the room.

We've allowed the dining room to become a pass through and dumping ground. We don’t usually eat our dinners in there. We don’t entertain people. It’s been quite a while since the whole family has gathered around the dining table for a holiday meal. And keeping the leaf in the table is a constant reminder of the fact that there are only two of us sharing meals in this house. We’re in a different phase of our lives now, so maybe the dining room can be re-purposed. I’d like to keep the option of having lots of people around the table for a big meal, but we really need to find another way to use this room on a daily basis. (Besides, the fireplace is in this room, and we’d like to use the room more so we can enjoy the fireplace when it’s cold.)

DH likes the idea of using the dining room as a work room. There’s space for using the computer and spreading out his papers. The table he’s using in the living room right now is very small and cramped, so having a bigger space where he can spread out appeals to him. The lighting in the dining room, however, is not adequate for working. I’d love to get the room re-wired, but I suspect we’ll just go with using the portable lamps that serve when my beading group meets here. All these things need to be worked out; the discussion will continue. “It all” is not done; is it ever "all done"?

‘Anything in existence, having somehow come about, is continually interpreted anew, requisitioned anew, transformed and redirected to a new purpose.’ -Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. I love the idea of repurposing (sp?) the room. It would make a very nice 'study' and with a couple of chairs in front of the fireplace (plus some standing lamps) you could read the winter evenings away. So often we get caught up in - this is the living room, this is the dining room, etc. and forget that a room can be whatever you want it to be.

  2. Looking good so far! I don't remember ever seeing it so neat! I like Penny's idea of it becoming more of a 'study', but you'll have to figure that out.