Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning to be flexible

There’s the One Goal: I want to declutter my house.

There’s the Big Why: Freedom! Freedom to create art and a life I believe in; freedom from overwhelm.

There’s the Next Step: The Wing (mind map), which leads to the next steps - The plan in Unstuff Your Life: start with keys/wallet/mail/etc., then declutter kitchen/dining room, then the next step, declutter office/paperwork.

Then there’s the part where we stay flexible:

A leak under the bathroom sink needed fixing; which led to removing the sink that had been in place for 49 years (today’s plumbing components don’t play well with the old ones); which led to much discussion, many trips to the home stores, and more discussion; which led to clearing out the stuff that lives on top of the vanity and in the cabinets underneath, and moving said stuff to the newly cleaned off dining table (a good staging area); which led to the decision to make the main bath/laundry room our next decluttering project.

Bathroom sink - Before

We came close to getting side-tracked (or even de-railed) with this one. How much remodeling do we do? (I’d love to completely remodel the bath, but that’s not going to happen.) Should I make a rendering of our ideas at different levels of fix as an incentive? Can we do an interim fix that would be liveable, or even nicer than liveable?

The interim fix won out. We wanted to do something simple and as quick and easy as possible. Also, we wanted to keep the costs minimal. A major redo would have to wait. What could we do this weekend to get the sink working and looking good with the least disruption to our lives? The plan is to find a sink that will fit the existing counter top, and DH, being a very handy guy, is going to do the work.

Since the vanity top is an unusual size and shape (custom built for the house in 1966), and the sink a size and shape from the 60s, we would have to get creative. New sinks don’t come in the exact size (or even close enough size) to fit the space. We might be able to make one of them work, but… we want something closer to the right size, something that would look like it belongs there. It turns out the Habitat Home Store had one sink that would fit just right. Actually, it doesn’t fit the same way as the old sink, but sits on top of the counter and looks very good. It imitates today’s trend to have a sink sitting on top of the counter, and looks much better than the old sink. Yea!

New sink installed!

With the sink installed—once the decision was made, it took only a short time to install—and the leak fixed, we could call it done. However, there are a few cosmetic things we’d like to do to upgrade the area: add PVC frame across the back of the new sink to make it look more integrated; frame in the existing beveled edge mirror; and add two shelving units on top of the counter and flanking the sink to add storage space and make the area symmetrical.  Maybe we could paint the walls, and…?  OK, I could get carried away here, but the job is basically done and looking good.

Bathroom/laundry room declutter is done!

Now, we just need to go through all the stuff we pulled out of the cabinets and off the counter and make the hard decisions about what to get rid of, or to keep. The task won’t be done until it’s all put away. Today (1/25/15), we did the end-of-task. Done!

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  1. Sometimes 'life' gets in the way of our plans, but in this case it just hastened your planned work ahead a bit. And look what happened! You could call this an 'enforced' reorganization and it has worked quite well.