Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting inspired

Abandoned or postponed projects on the floor

What happens when you walk into a space that is piled with so many things on every surface (including the floor)? The space is so cluttered with possibilities and abandoned attempts—the ghost of who you thought you wanted to be—that there’s no room for current projects. The piles of things do not represent junk, but abandoned aspirations.

More stalled projects on other surfaces

What happens when you start to clear out some of the things in that space, a little at a time? The space begins to feel more open, more ready to house creative activity again.

As I've continued with clearing out my beloved magazines, I have spent more time in my studio than in the past several years. As I've gone through magazines and cut out images that speak to me, or just held some of the magazines that I don’t want to cut up, I start to feel the pull of wanting to create. I have even gone beyond magazines in the clearing out process.

It’s still early yet, in the clearing out process, but it seems to have the effect of making me feel lighter, freer to create. I've decided that in addition to my One Goal of decluttering my house, I will do one thing daily that is creative, one small thing toward creating something in fiber that is useful and beautiful, just one little thing…

Fat quarters overflowing the shelves

The first little thing is to make a tool roll for my stitching tools. I started by looking at the fat quarters of fabric in my hall closet (the closet where the magazines live). Next, I looked for a purse pattern that had some good tips and tricks in it, which led to my culling out a lot of sewing patterns to be donated. After finding the purse pattern and a couple of fabrics to try for the first attempt at a tool roll, I realized that the fabrics could use a bit of organizing (not culling, yet). So, as a meditative practice, I started ironing and folding the fat quarters so they could fit more neatly in the shelves.

sewing patterns to donate

This last thing, the ironing and folding, may seem like a distraction, but I’m not sure. It gets me into the studio; it gets me in touch with the fabrics, and lets me see if any of them will work for the project at hand; helps me think through the next step in making the tool roll; and it’s part of my creative process.

The process of decluttering my house is starting to help me feel freer to get back to the studio and create something new. I’m starting to get inspired!

Fill the Form: There is always one action you can take for your creativity daily. This daily action commitment fills the form. Find the many small changes we could make at this very moment. - Sorry, I don't remember the source.

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  1. Taking each piece of fabric, ironing it and folding it is a very good idea. Lots of times I have fabric that I'd forgotten and by sorting through my fabric, placing solids together, colors together etc. I often find a piece that I hadn't remembered that I even had. Also -- whatever I boughtsome of the fabric pieces for to begin with -- either didn't work, or I didn't like it when I got home and that's a good way to sort the 'keepers' and the 'goers'.