Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mindful progress

I make progress every day with something in my life, though some days I just want to sleep in and do nothing. Do I always have to make progress? Or can I just be? 

Well, I do want to make progress toward my One Goal of decluttering my house. I know that once it’s done, it isn't “done” once and for all. It will require maintaining the number of items in my house; it will require maintaining the Homes for the things I have kept; it will require decisions about what is really important to me. It will require mindful living.

Mindful living is not something I do well. I can be quite oblivious to my surroundings, and that includes unconsciously bringing home more tools, supplies, and materials for projects that look interesting. It includes putting those things into my studio on any handy surface (on top of other piles of things, if necessary), and then, in the busy-ness of my life, forgetting that I put them there.

I recently unearthed a pile of furnishing fabrics and samples that I originally intended to make into bags or purses. I sort of knew they were there, but had forgotten the detail and depth of the collection. It turned out to be quite a large pile, and most of the fabrics I don’t even like any more. Have I ever made anything from these types of fabrics? No. Do I really want to commit the time to make anything from these fabrics? No. I’m keeping a couple of them for specific projects, but the rest can go to my friends who do use such fabrics very creatively. I admire what my friends have made, and look forward to seeing what they come up with. That’s progress of another kind.

By allowing myself to just appreciate others’ creativity, and not have to make everything myself, do every kind of art project imaginable, I can be mindful of what’s special and important to me. 


  1. You are certainly keeping to many of these Zen things. I do try to live that way myself. Still haven't mastered the cooking and cleaning thing as meditation. *smile* And, I'm still too prone to 'zipping' around both at home and when out. As I age, all of these things seem to come a bit easier to me. You are making and have made wonderful progress toward your goals and it seems to me you are definitely doing it the Zen way.

  2. Great list! I especially like #1-3. Focus gets things done when you're overwhelmed. Thanks for the list.

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